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SCP Equine 
(Horse Specialists and Therapists)


Equine Director

Equine Specialist (EAGALA)

Jim has had over 50 years experience with horses.

This has come from years of riding horses as a child, participating as a rodeo rider, working on stations with horses in Australia, and training horses for himself and others. 

Jim is trainind as an Equine Specialist in the EGALA model of Equine Assisted Therapy, and is the manager of the horses welfare. He works in partnership with our horses and our people to provide a comprehensive equine service.

Edendale, Southland

Smokey & Jim
Nate R (Equine).jpg


Nate is Jim’s junior assistant, and Jim and the team are teaching Nate good animal husbandry and life skills.


He is able to engage with and ride all of the horses at liberty (with no bridle or saddle).


He understands the feeding and care regimes so that the horses are healthy and happy.


Nate has engaged in intensive training with an experienced horse trainer, John Mark Payne, who engages in I-Thou practices with horses.


Nate loves teaching the horses new tricks and is able to go to sleep or stand up on some of them.


Nate undertakes his education in partnership with South Coast Psychology Equine Services as well as Te Kura and Aurora College.

Edendale, Southland


Registered Psychologist 

BA (Psych) MA (Psych) PGDip (PsychPrac)

Diane Gillespie is a New Zealand Registered Psychologist. She has a Bachelor, Masters and Post Graduate qualifications in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has over 20 years’ experience in the fields of domestic violence, disability, mental health, sexual abuse, trauma, child development, child welfare, youth advocacy, psychology and counselling.


Diane is trained in the Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI) model of Equine Assisted Therapy. She has understood the benifits of relational engagment with horses as long as she can remember.


Equine psychotherapy has allowed her to blend he knowledge of psychology and horses into a comprehensive working model of Equine Assisted practice. Her aim is to work with other professionals to provide comprehensive client-centric therapeutic psychological/mental health services to clients in the Southern districts of Aotearoa/New Zealand (and other areas where there is need). 

Edendale, Southland

Di & Castle.jpg


More info coming soon.


Jemma has grown up with horses, is a horse rider, engages with horses at liberty, and has sound stock sense.


She has an undergraduate degree in psychology, has been working as an equine assistant for South Coast Psychology working with private, Oranga Tamariki, and WINZ clients, in relation to self-esteem, self-confidence, emotion regulation, anger management, and confidence horse riding for the past 6 months and is in training with EPI equine psychotherapy programme.


Jemma is also part of our team who provides group sessions to corporate groups.

Edendale, Southland

Gemma Boyle.png
Kate M.jpg


Counsellor, NLP, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist

BA Soc Sci, PG Dip Rehab Applied, Ergonomics, Guidance Studies, MCDANZ

Kate is currently undertaking the Equine Psychotherpy Institute (EPI) training in Equine Assisted Psychotherpy (EAP).

Edendale, Southland


Equine Specialist (EAL)

Pam is the horse specialist facilitating our Trauma Focussed Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Coaching Group along with an ACC accredited counsellor who has experience with horses.

About me:

I am a qualified Life Coach and Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI) trained Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) facilitator.

I have many other relevant qualifications and many years’ experience working in the personal Growth and development area.

I love using my skills, knowledge, and experience to help others.

Pam Poole.png
Gail Panoutsos.jpg


Counsellor / Social Worker and Equine Therapist

Gail is a registered Social Worker with a number of years of experience working with children, adolescents and clients from various backgrounds. Gail has lived alongside horses for many years and has long believed in and drawn from the immense peace and wisdom they offer. 

Gail can provide adjunct Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to clients on the ACC ISSC contract.


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SCP Equine 
(Horses and Friends)


Clydesdale Cross

Hannah is the matriarch of the herd, and has the respect of all the members.

She is super grounded and will stomp a foot to get the younger herd members to see that she means “stop it”.

She loves attention, and is very direct with what she wants.

She has a beautiful, calm, and gentle nature, and loves her rump and chest scratched, and she will sometimes give you a hug.

Hannah & Nate
Castle, Hannah, & Palle


Suffolk Punch Clydesdale Cross

Castle, while a gentle giant with people, likes to play boss with the other horses (second of course to Hannah).

Castle enjoys his ridden work and picks new things up easily.

Castle is always one of the first to meet you in the paddock and is always where the food is.
He is a Suffolk punch Clydesdale cross and very big. His bred are built to pull ploughs and cart.



While still relatively young, Latte is social and sensitive who is very clear with what he does and doesn’t like.

Being more sensitive his temperament, he can swing easily from being playful and flighty to very quiet and gentle. He is very in tune with the others (both human and equine) around him.
Latte does get ridden and is still learning and building his confidence in his ridden work.

Latte & Mel


Miniature - Appaloosa Cross

Leo is a big personality in a little body.

He is always hunting out food and treats often using his small size to sneak in where the bigger horses can't go.

He loves playing with the toys in the arena and is very inquisitive and social with all around him. 

He also enjoys some one-on-one pampering.


Clydesdale Cross Filly

Palle is still very young and inquisitive, making her very social with both horses and people.

She is generally quiet and accepting; however, can still have baby moments where she finds her tasks a little difficult or scary. 

Possum is Palle's mum. Sometimes she likes the security of mum, but also likes to play with Leo and Latte.




Panda is an elegant lady, who very much minds her own business. If you are greeted in the paddock by Panda, you are truly fortunate.

Panda is in tune with the herd, the quiet observer, happy in her own company as part of the herd, but is not frightened to hold her ground when she needs too.

When Panda is well she loves playing with Leo and Latte.


Bay Welsh Mountain Arabian Cross Pony Mare

Possum is generally quite social with the other horses, but a little more reserved with people, and will wait to be approached.

She is lovely and quiet to groom and handle with a friendly nature.
She has been mistreated in the past and gets triggered into anxiety responses quickly. If you are calm and reassuring, she will appreciate the support. 

Possum & Jim
Opening Day



Sweetpea typically likes to spend her time alone on the outskirts of the herd.

She is quiet, sweet and gentle.

While she spends most of her time quietly grazing, she loves her belly being scratched.
She is a rescue pony who has founded and needs to have medicine each day to keep her well.

She likes gently riding and gets excited with little people.


Paint Horse

Tilly is an all-round quiet and gentle horse, both to handle and ride.

She is usually quite content to graze on her own or snooze with the herd.

Toby & Michelle


Standard Bred

He is a standard bred, and is more used to being in a sulky, than being ridden.

He is 6 years old and retired from racing now, having done well on the track, he is now a lovely riding horse, just recently broken into his saddle.

He is inquisitive and loves human contact, but is certainly bossy towards other horses.


American Quarterhorse

Smokey is an American Quarterhorse.

She seems to be snappy most of the time on the ground, prefers just being on her own with one other horse and is a one mans horse - Jim's horse.

She is very well trained, loves being ridden and loves treks and mustering cattle.

She reminds Britta, our horse therapist, of a 'helicopter mum', micro managing the herd when she is in the herd.

Taco and Nate



Taco is a Throughbred who is bred for playing Polo.

He is very inquisitive and kind, and loves doing Equine Assisted Therapy, especially with children. 



Ricco is our latest addition to the herd. He is a pure Arabian.

He is Latte's half brother, they both have the same mother. He gained reserve champion Arabian in the show ring.  He is beautiful, placid and kind, and always keen to make friends. His mother was known as a very quiet calm horse, and the blood line comes from a line of tent horses from the desert. These horses were so calm that their owners would bring them into the tent for warmth and company on the cold desert nights.



Hungarian Visler

I began my life running through the paddocks in the Te Anau area, luckily for me, I was born as a Hungarian Vizsla – the most wonderful of breeds! 
Since living in Edendale, I’ve got the coolest place to sleep and rest in the hay, Jim sometimes takes me for bush walks and runs on the beach, he has clocked me running just over 40kph!
I like other dogs and animals and I love helping people feel calm when they are anxious, I have the most gorgeous expressions (everyone says so!) and I am able to come along to individual therapy sessions to help people feel supported and loved while they are processing their experiences, and at the very least, I can be a lovely distraction!
In my spare time I like to explore every part of nature that I can find, have cuddles with people, and play with my piggy and horsey friends.



Tiger's mum is Nate's cat, and Nate gave Tiger to Di as a present.

He loves therapy, he can often be found in the waiting room looking to play with people or a pat.

He is also curious and spends lots of time with the horses, teasing Millie, or chasing mice in the hay barn.

Leo & Tiger
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